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Welcome to Bloodwala.com – a Community of Blood Donors and Seekers:

We all know that there is tremendous demand for blood everywhere. We have come across so many of such cases about people losing their lives just because the required blood group does not reach the needy person in time. During such situations, family members and dear ones are already under lot of stress & rushing out and frantically searching for the required blood group adds to the concerns.

Despite the large number of blood donors, it is difficult to find a single source of information which can connect blood donors and seekers. Requirement ratio being high, blood banks often runs out of stock. There may be donors who are known but cannot reach in time. All these collectively gave an irresistible desire and we thought of building a system which offers user-friendly and yet easy to access informative platform to connect blood donors and seekers.

Blood Donors

Simply register yourself by filling up the details in registration form on Bloodwala.com. You will be quickly added to the list of donors. The blood seekers will be able to view the details of your blood group and location. You are ready to make lot of difference by saving someone’s life!

Blood Seekers

Bloodwala offers a quick and easy way to choose a blood donor online nearby your location. You will simply have to register by entering the details and post your blood group requirement. Your request will start reflecting in recent requests. Donors will be able to view the details of your requirement and contact you at earliest. You will also be able to search available donors in nearby area.

We are taking these few steps to save someone’s life.. Now it’s your turn, step ahead! Your blood can gift a life to someone “Gift Blood. . . Gift Life. . .”

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